Commitment and Transparency

The DIEGO GONZÁLEZ RIVAS FOUNDATION is the appropriate vehicle to continue the humanitarian aid that Dr. Diego González has been carrying out for over ten years, reaching more places, especially in developing countries, and providing financial support to people who cannot access his Uniportal VATS technique due to lack of resources.

Currently, Dr. Diego performs this type of aid with a significant sacrifice in all aspects, both economic and physical; In this sense, the Foundation will work on the complete management and procedures such as the acquisition of materials, travel, bureaucracy, etc., since he is the only doctor who takes care of everything personally. In addition, it is possible to incorporate a medical team of his trust to be able to grow and evolve in these medical surgical expeditions that he performs around the world.

Another important and immediate objective is to have a mobile surgical unit to practice the Uniportal VATS technique, avoiding the surgery rooms of some hospitals that hinder the success of his operations given the precariousness of their facilities.

A fundamental aspect for the Foundation is to work on R&D projects through European and national grants, to achieve development in research fields, not only in VATS-RATS improvements, but also in the areas of Artificial Vision, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Nanotechnology, this last field that would allow growth and improvement from the reach of Dr. Diego.


“It’s not a matter of being brave, but having faith in experience
Dr. Diego González Rivas.