«Nothing is impossible». With this idea as his banner, the Galician surgeon Diego González Rivas, known as Doctor Diego, fights against lung cancer and pain in hospitals around the world. Its revolutionary technique allows operating on the thoracic cavity by making a small intercostal hole, sometimes even with local anesthesia, and makes it easier for patients to return home and back to life after forty-eight hours.

The journalist and writer Elena Pita tells us with passion the journey of this surgeon who dares to take on the most complex cases to bring joy.

Doctor Diego González Rivas (A Coruña, 1974) does not like to say that he is brave, he prefers to rely on experience: he carries on his back a surgical statistic that undoubtedly breaks any ceiling. In just one year, 2015, he performed more than eight hundred major surgeries around the planet, most of them in one of the hospitals where he intervenes and teaches regularly, the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital.

Its surgical technique (Uniportal VATS) is a world pioneer: it allows the most complicated tumors to be removed through a single incision. And to teach this revolutionary technique, he travels around the world at such an intense pace that, many mornings, he doesn’t even remember where the sunrise is. He is also one of the most active doctors in disseminating surgical advances on social networks. In fact, he was the one who opened the first surgery channel on YouTube.