Mission, vision and values


Fundational Purpose

The mission of the Diego González Rivas Foundation is to increase life expectancy, prevent pain and improve diagnoses of diseases such as cancer and other serious ailments through the innovative uniportal Vats technique developed by Dr. Diego González Rivas. How do we do it?
  • We assist people with limited resources who cannot afford the operation or treatment in any country in the world.
  • We create lasting partnerships with entities located in key countries to train specialists in the uniportal VATS technique.
  • We promote research and the training of talented young surgeons.


Fundational Activity

  • Establish stable and well-established collaborations in certain in developing countries.
  • Make significant contributions in the field of surgical research through Uniportal VATS.
  • Develop, in close collaboration with other hospitals, a constant activity in teaching and training specialists in thoracic surgery.
  • Consolidate a good position in the third sector, with a well-known and recognized social work especially linked to Galicia.
  • MOBILE SURGERY UNIT, for performing operations in developing countries.